Talking Time

People from all walks of life talking time.

Join Nich Mason from the Pink Floyd and contemporary artist Max Weidemann taking time off their busy schedule to talk time with #WOMW.

Nick Mason

Drummer and racing car driver

I’m based in London, and my line of business is music and competition cars.
My first watch was a present from my parents in approx 1954 I’m sure it was a Timex… it lasted a surprisingly long time. I have a couple of favourite watches: one is a Rolex Steel Daytona style which I bought at Geneva airport in 1971 when we got paid in real money for a gig (I didn’t see any more money until 1973). The other is a Bremont ALT1-Z/DG model. I love the approach and attitude of the brothers who run the company.

Currently, I’m wearing a Breitling, battery-powered (I still worry about what happens if we are invaded the day the battery goes down). It’s special to me because I got it from a friend who was a pilot in 41 Squadron, who later went on to become a Red Arrow. It has the squadron insignia on the face.

My relationship with time? Try and stay ahead.


Patrick Persaud 

Styling and image management expert

I have worked in the luxury industry for more than 30 years, in London, Paris and New York – starting on the sales floor and then moving into styling and image management, with an emphasis on advertising campaigns for high profile clients. Companies I have worked with include Hermes, John Lobb, Prada, Revillon/Fendi, Tiffany & Co, Bvlgari, Asprey/Gerrard, Ozwald Boateng Bespoke, and the LVMH and Richemont Groups. My expertise encompasses men’s and women’s wear, leather goods, luggage and footwear, fine jewellery and watches.

My first watch was a Tag Heuer, that I bought with my savings when I was 16. My favourite watch is a Patek Phillip, given to me by my father, for my 21st birthday. Having a passion for watches, over the years I have built up quite a collection, alternating those that I wear to suit the occasion and the way I am dressed. I would like very much to own a Tourbillon Messidor made by Breguet, in platinum.

A watch is a vital part of one’s outfit, from its metal colour and finish to the colour and texture of the strap – all of which should ideally complement the outfit. Current trends are focused in two directions – larger, sportier styles or jewel encrusted, in both men’s and women’s styles. The popularity of vintage watches can be explained by the history of the piece and its classic / vintage look, together with the ritual of the hand-wound mechanism which increases the cost of watches manufactured today.

Meehna Goldsmith

Editor-in-chief of Longitude, Christie’s blog for collecting watches

I’m based in Los Angeles, and I’m a writer, stylist and timepiece consultant. I also engage in watch ‘match-making’.

My first watch was a delightful little watch that ticked as a result of a little boy and girl moving back and forth on a see-saw. My “favourite” watch changes too constantly to pin down. Currently, I’m wearing a Parmigiani Kalpa Grande. I am absolutely charmed by minute repeaters and clock watches, and I hope to own one some day.

My relationship with time is rather complex, being that I’m human. I suppose I can sum it up by my philosophy: time threatens to make life’s events seem either too far away or ending too soon. I endeavour to relish the moments as they come.

Max Wiedemann

Contemporary Artist London

I have been working in advertising and branding for ten years so I understand the power of seduction and the creation of desirable objects of luxury. My art revolves a lot around status symbols, Rolex being one. For my screenprint entitled ‘Relax‘, just by replacing two letters I achieved the concept at first glance of a Rolex, but at a second look you will see this is a statement. Relax: it’s just a status symbol. If you have one, enjoy it; if not, don’t worry.

 I am based between London, Paris and New York – where my work appears on billboards and on bus shelters across the city. My first watch was a Pop Swatch; my favourite watch is the Rolex Daytona Everose Gold; and my dream watch is the Rolex Air King – which is subtle and not overstated.

Through my art, I document the time we live in. It’s a social/political/environmental snapshot of our time.