Revolution is certainly in the air. Forget your Che Guevara t-shirts and sit down protests, the Royal Oak by Audemars Piguet has been causing a stir of its own recently.

Recent reports have revealed the Swiss manufacturer has been carefully watching other timepiece companies very closely.

In fact they have already filed a suit in the last few weeks against a number of different brands including the Movado Group as well as Tommy Hilfiger.


Now what’s poor old Movado and Tommy H done I hear you cry? Well it turns out that AP has accused both respected brands of copyright.

The brouhaha is said to have unfolded over the Royal Oak watch that spookily resembles their versions. Why not see for yourself!


When it comes to the burning issue in question, the dispute seems to be over the TH Elon model that Movado is responsible for producing.

Audemars Piguet claims this particular model is very similar to their own Royal Oak product.  If it is a copy then it’s a damn good one, but Royal Oak watches are sublime in their own right.

Let’s step back in time to Baselworld 1972 where time stood still for just a moment. Audemars Piguet  launched their brand new steel watch which incoporated a number of different revolutionary features.


This included the likes of an integrated bracelet that had bold and innovative design at the heart of it. In addition to this, the AP Royal Oak took its inspiration from a diver’s helmet and offered a striking bezel in the shape of an octagon.

This was secured in place thanks to eight clearly visible screws as well as being waterproof with a dial that was beautifully adorned. Meanwhile, this particular watch was extremely slim at less than 8mm with a diameter measuring 39mm.

The AP Royal Oak has a rich and diverse history which has put it among the most glorious timepieces of its generation.

When it came to the movement, the self-winding Calibre 2121 was the weapon of choice, whilst the  “Grande Tapisserie” motif is synonymous across the world.


The name itself derived from a nautical based theme with Audemars Piguet selecting Royal Oak, named after a collection of eight vessels, corresponding to the unique octagonal design.

These particular eight ships belonged to the British Royal Navy which in turn led to one of the most iconic names being christened in this most famous of Swiss watch makers.

Back to reality and legal papers were officially filed on August the 13th in New York City. It clearly states that AP have “protested, in writing” and have given their viewpoint on the areas where Movado has clearly breached.


This features charges relating to trade dress infringement not to mention a registered trademark infringement with Audemars Piguet looking for an injuction wherby it hopes to prevent any extra production of the controversial watches in question.

They are also hoping for not only the annihilation of the so called current watches but extra punitive damages on top. Time as they say is most definately man’s worst enemy in this case!

Written by Simon Lazarus