Gentleman, synchronize your watches and call up Marty Mcfly as we head back to 1970 for a glimpse at the Omega Chronostop Genève.

Back to the future

But before we do, we must stop to doth our caps at the wonder of Omega’s craftsmanship. Originally created in 1848, this high end Swiss watchmaker has been a favourite with many companies over a long period of time.

In 1917 when war rang out over Blighty, the British Royal Flying Corps selected Omega as their principal timekeepers whilst the US army took the same decision one year later.

In addition, Omega has been the weapon of choice for NASA and their astronauts whilst it even landed on the Moon at the end of the 1960’s. Now that’s cosmic!

Yet Omega has a number of different sporting connections and has had close ties with the Olympic Games for the best part of 70 years. Since 1932, it has acted as the timekeeping device and will be in the full spotlight when it comes to Rio 2016.


Currently, they are aligned with a wealth of actors and sporting stars including the likes of George Clooney, Spanish golfer Sergio Garcia and 2012 US PGA champion Rory Mcllroy. Now that’s the way to strike a winning partnership.

So what of the Omega Chronostop? As classic as a Disney film at Christmas, the 1970’s sparked a genuine retro design appearance. The Chronostop was launched four years earlier in 1966 and is considered to be one of the great sports watches of its kind.


In fact, the Chronostop version has received notoriety thanks to awards at the respected “Federation Horologer” contest.

This came before Omega’s intention to enter the International World Exhibition which took place in Montreal the following year. That’s quite enough build-up don’t you think so let’s drill down into the features of this particular model.

Genéve timepieces can plunge to depths of 30 metres while they offer more than 15 individual jewels and a host of impressive movements. There are big rectangular hour markers that can be seen on the 35mm face as well as a striking black dial.

Check out the bright orange timing feature not to mention the predominant oval bezel made from polished steel. This is precisely the same for the case back and is officially stamped.

Meanwhile, the highly regarded Omega Chronostop can be found toward the upper dial with the hippocampus symbol above the 12 o’ clock mark. Other highlights include Omega’s very own 865 movement reflecting their timely contribution to quality.


Suitable to impress at a casual pub lunch or dressed up at a trendy box social, this elegant beauty is ideal for any occasion. But as this timepiece was causing a stir, what about those world events?

Forget about tablet devices and Ipads as 1970 saw the floppy disc invented and the World Trade Centre was finally completed. It was also a time of sorrow and coming together for many screaming teens and adults as the Beatles finally said Adieu and parted company.


Perhaps they were right…maybe all you need is love.


Written by Simon Lazarus