As London swung their pants to the beats and sounds of the early 1960’s, the Rado Musketeer VI burst onto the watch scene.

With today’s models around the four figure mark such as the Jubilé and the Ceramica series, why not delve into the back of your wardrobe to see what’s lying around. Yet some models featuring high end baguette diamonds can fetch in the region of £100,000.

Diamonds are certainly forever as Shirley Bassey harped on about, but since the late 1950’s this Swiss watch maker has stood the test of time.

This is thanks to its innovation and high level of creativity which back in 1962 led Rado to bring out its first ever scratch resistant timepiece called the Diastar.

After this period, the brand were notorious for their diverse variety of materials including high tech ceramic and have even manufactured the world’s toughest watch known as the V10K.

rado musketeer 3
rado musketeer 4

Although there’s no need for a shovel, let’s dig deeper into why the Musketeer should go straight into the vintage hall of fame. Get ready for that classic countdown theme pop pickers.

Well on first glance, the TV style aperture coupled with a host of bronze tones really evokes a golden period when The Waltons were just a bunch of baby faced television assassins!


In addition to this the batons and hands are made from chrome while there is a nifty calendar window that includes both the day and date.

This particular Rado is resistant to any scratches and features a stainless steel bracelet not to mention acrylic crystal, a movement which boasts 25 jewels and a subtle 36mm diameter.

rado 25 jewels

Porthos and Dogtanian wait in line as this Musketeer oozes style and class. The patterned satin white dial radiates brightly and would make a fine piece of arm candy.

On the face of it (no pun intended) you can take advantage of a number of additional features such as a bevelled case made from stainless steel, a sunray grid and the “Musketeer VI” itself emblazoned at the 4 o’ clock mark.

Meanwhile, the Rado symbol is embossed for all to see not only on the fold over clasp but on the case back. This is all finished off with an impressive gold-filled bezel that definitely has the Midas touch.

Even back then clients were looking for a taste of the Swiss Family Robinson. Yet owning a Rado such as this was considered to be a status symbol even more than 40 years ago.

But what other timely events were happening around the world at the beginning of the 1960’s? This killer watch may have influenced the great Alfred Hitchcock as Psycho was released.

As the Musketeer VI Automatic grabbed the attention of many a watch groupie, the world was in crisis. So what’s changed you might ask!

In 1961, the Berlin Wall was constructed which was coupled with the infamous Bay of Pigs Invasion. Unfortunately what has stood the test of time is David Hasselhoff’s performance when the wall finally came down in 1989.


Check it out here and watch out for the Hoff’s flashing leather jacket which no matter how hard the crowd clapped would not set alight.

1962 saw the Cuban Missile Crisis and the launch of one of the biggest movie franchises in cinematic history. How about another martini Mr Bond?

It was also the same year where events were shaken up with the death of iconic actress Marilyn Monroe and the first ever Wal-Mart store.

Watch out next time for…the Omega Chronostop Geneve 1970.


Written by Simon Lazarus